Santa Rosa Tyrant Marci Goodman Strikes Again & Again & Again!!!

Petition | Florida Supreme Court: Investigate Judge Marci Goodman of SRC for bias in multiple cases. |

Judge Marci L. Goodman

STOP and EXPOSE Florida’s Judicial Qualifications Committee from criminal cover-ups and hold them all accountable.

Jeanna Kapetanis Part I on Marci L. Goodman

Jeanna Kapetanis Part II on Marci L. Goodman

Post Chambers Whistle Blowing on Marci

Never Ending Horror in Santa Rosa Co FL

Free Arety!!

Thursday October 10th, 2013

After a long awaited and over exerting month for Arety Sievers and her daughter Christa in hopes and prayers of a fair judge and ruling;
In spite of all the evidence and corrupt paper trail left by the First Judicial Circuit in and for Santa Rosa County, Florida, a Walton County judge, Judge W. Howard LaPorte covers up a legal mess for Santa Rosa’s County gross child abuser, Judge Marci L. Goodman.
Judge W. Howard LaPorte denies all of Arety Sievers motions for God given motherhood.
Judge W. Howard LaPorte, Judge Marci L. Goodman, and the father Greg Sievers continues to conceal 14 year old Christa from her loving mother Arety Sievers and loving sister Jeanna Varellas.

Petition | Florida Supreme Court: Investigate Judge Marci Goodman of SRC for bias in multiple cases. |

Goodman is nothing more than a tyrant, a modern day Hitler who prey’s on children & families of Santa Rosa Co. Florida til death do us part.
Florida’s JQC continues her support to tyranny where still today she remains above the law in Santa Rosa Co. Milton, Florida.

UPDATES on KEENAN when free from the St. Louis City Workhouse of torture, medical & dental neglect, etc..
Criminal justice system’s ‘dark secret’: Teenagers in solitary confinement – Rock Center with Brian Williams

This beautiful mother Amy Marie Brown and her son Keenan Robinson was destroyed by 
judge? Marci L. Goodman as of many other families were and continue to be destroyed by Marci L. Goodman still today. Amy’s human rights were violated!!!

Keenan’s 5th and last birthday together with his loving mommy.


5 Responses to “Santa Rosa Tyrant Marci Goodman Strikes Again & Again & Again!!!”

  1. John Smith Says:

    U go girl we are with you

  2. Leslie Brown Says:

    Marci Goodman is a very, very unfair person in the state of Florida!!!!!!!

  3. Ricky Thrasher Says:

    GOD BLESS your family. We are having a FREEDOM rally Monday 27 June 2016, 8 am outside her court house, please I beg you to Join us, let us stand together, Will be alot of people there. Come Join us, would be an honor. We can stand together until she is GONE for good. I have started protesting and will not surrender to the ELITE bull. WE NEED YOU, and all you can bring with please, WE WILL BE HEARD< i have an appeal to have her disqualified also. Let's become one, and stand.
    GOD BLESS you sister, love your bold stand , i know your a warrior.

    • I’m in Texas working. So short notice. I’ve informed others already. Feel free to post giant pictures of my family what’s left of it. Hold up giant pictures of Amy in Heaven & our son Keenan whom she placed on shackles at the tender age 8 1/2 years old, destroyed his life and his mother’s. We will prevail.

  4. Tracy Hardaway Says:

    I support your cause 150%. She humiliated me and my daughter in court and stated that my 2 year old grandson is going to grow up and be a drug dealer by the time he turns 12. My daughter was 18 with no priors and instead of probation she sent her to prison, fined her $10,000 along with 4 years probation. He went on a 10 minute rant and embarrassed us in the courtroom. She is unprofessional, biased and does not deserve to be in the “judges seat” in anyone’s county, state or world.

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